253rd STATED MEETING OF THE PRESBYTERY Tuesday, November 19, Circleville Presbyterian Church

Many words of thanks to the Reverend Joel Esala, Pastor, and the elders and members of the Circleville church for their amazing hospitality in hosting this week’s meeting!

Rebecca Tollefson, Mark Gauen & Kae Merold

A highlight of this meeting of the Presbytery was the installation of the Reverend Mark Gauen and Elder Kae Merold as the new Moderator and Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery. Much gratitude goes to the Reverend Rebecca Tollefson for her excellent leadership and guidance as the 2019 Moderator of the Presbytery.

Another highlight of the Meeting was the election of PSV Commissioners to the 224th General Assembly in Baltimore in June of 2020. The General Assembly Commissioners will be: Teaching Elders: Rev. Mark Gauen, Rev. Dr. Jeri-Lynne Bouterse, and  Rev.Sarah Juist; Ruling Elders: Kathi Bubb, Christine Burns and Kae Merold; and Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD): Milo Browne.

Out-going Treasurer, the Reverend Roger Au, was thanked for his faithful service for over 2 years. Jim Wagner, a member of the Logan First Presbyterian Church, and the spouse of Pastor Liz Wagner, was elected as the new Treasurer for the Presbytery.

New pastors, Reverend Frank LeBlanc and Reverend Maureen Clark, were welcomed to their ministries in the presbytery. Frank is the transitional pastor for New Albany Rose Run Presbyterian Church, and Maureen is the newly-called pastor for the Waverly First Presbyterian Church.

Elder Bob Gustafson, Chair of Operations, and Moderator Rev. Rebecca Tollefson in a serious budgetary conversation.

In the midst of business reports from the Presbytery Commissions, the proposed budget and per capita increase were carefully discussed. The proposed budget was referred back to the Commission for Presbytery Operations with a mandate to develop a budget that reflected no-more-than a $2 increase in per capita. A revised budget for the presbytery will be presented for consideration at the February 18, 2020 Presbytery Meeting.


Justice Ofosuhene, Rebecca Tollefson and Jim Wilson


During Executive Presbyter Rev. Dr. Jeannie Harsh’s staff report, the presbytery’s Committee on Local  Arrangements (COLA) Moderators were announced and thanked for their willingness to participate in the plans and preparations for the 225th General Assembly of the PC(USA) in 2022 in Columbus. The COLA moderators are Reverend Justice Ofosuhene, Pastor of Ramseyer Presbyterian Church, Reverend Rebecca Tollefson, Honorably Retired and Jim Wilson, Elder and Clerk, Broad Street Presbyterian Church.

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