2019 Ecumenical Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis, MN

Edwin Brinklow, Skip Jackson, Annie Melick, Jeannie Harsh, and Todd Tracy enjoy a break at the Festival of Homiletics

“Preaching as Moral Imagination” is the theme of this year’s Festival of Homiletics being held in Minneapolis this week. This festival, which began in 1992, gathers pastors from around the country for the purpose of learning and conversing about preaching in contemporary context. This week-long conference brings together a wide variety of outstanding preachers and professors of homiletics to inspire discourse about preaching, worship and culture. This ecumenical event gathers over 1500 attendees from several mainline denominations. Those from Scioto Valley participating in this year’s gathering are: Edwin Brinklow, Indianola, Skip Jackson, retired, Annie Melick, Condit, Todd Tracy, Newark Second and Jeannie Harsh, Executive Presbyter. The 2020 Homiletics Festival will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, May 18-22,2020. For information, see: festivalofhomiletics.com.

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