2019 MINIMUM COMPENSATION GUIDELINES FOR SCIOTO VALLEY PASTORS… Pulpit Supply Rates and Pastoral Minimums Are Increased

Each year the presbytery Commission for Church Professionals evaluates the compensation of our pastors. This year’s adjustment for the cost of living includes a number of changes. The IRS mileage rate for reimbursement is now $.58 per mile and there are other adjustments for reimbursable amounts, such as Continuing Education Allowances. Minimum Salary requirements for a full-time minister of Word and Sacrament is now $49,300, with full-time CRE (Commissioned Ruling Elders) compensation at $39,440. For the first time in many years, the increase included the rates your congregation pays to our pastors who fill the pulpit during absences of regular pastors. The rate for one service for pulpit supply is now $150 plus mileage. For two services on Sunday, the rate is now $200 plus mileage for a supply pastor to fill the pulpit.  See the presbytery website for all changes in the 2019 compensation minimums and download the guidelines.

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