2019 PER CAPITA: An Investment in the Future… Comments from Pastor Christine Burns

Your session clerk and pastor have received a letter from the presbytery showing the amount of Per Capita due in 2019 for your congregation. While Per Capita began in 1734 as a way to promote our connection to one another as a denomination, the new amount of just $35.75 per member is not only a part of our history, but instead is a vital and substantial investment in our future. The majority of each contribution, $23.55, stays in the Presbytery of Scioto Valley to support every congregation in the presbytery. These funds not only pay our paid staff members, but are also used to fund mission grants, the work of our commissions which provide support to congregations and pastors across our vast geographic area. Your investment in the future includes education of new pastors and training for those seeking churches to serve from other presbyteries across the denomination. $8.95 is forwarded to the General Assembly (GA) to promote our collective efforts toward the Great Ends of the Church and to continue to be a church that is reformed and always reforming to meet the future of humankind in every corner. Through your support, mission work, disaster relief, and grants are all paid for. The final portion, $3.25, goes to the Synod of the Covenant. This mid council represents every presbytery in its boundaries and does the important work of preparation of overtures for presentation to GA, as well as supplying funds for grants to congregations.  Each time you, or your congregation, choose to pay Per Capita, you are providing a bright future for congregations across the denomination.

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