Presbytery Meeting Highlights, May 16, 2023

If you missed the presbytery meeting this week, here is a summary of what transpired.

Many of omnibus motion of the other ten amendments passed. As of today, all the amendments sent from the General Assembly to the presbyteries have passed. The updated books of order should be available sometime this summer.

us gathered for a pre-presbytery event. We learned more about what is happening at each other’s churches, and good ideas were shared.

We gathered for worship in the sanctuary of Circleville Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Ron Johnson brought us a stirring message about Opportunity, the Rev. Alison Bauer prayed us in, and Chris Dederer encouraged us to move with musical talents.

The Commission for Congregational Life (CCL) requested the formation of an Administrative Commission (AC) for walking with St. Andrew as it prepares to close. The Commission for Church Professionals (CCP) 3% increase in minimum terms of call was approved, recent retirees were honored, and a policy change was provided for first reading. The Coordinating Team (CT) brought two new n

ominating committee members for election, the new description for the Committee on Representation was approved, and the date of the November presbytery meeting was moved to November 28. The Nominating Committee brought the Rev. Joel Esala as candidate for CCP chair, and he was elected. The Commission for Congregational Nurture (CNO) provided information on the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the fall youth retreat, and the update on the OSU Campus Minister search.

We completed the ratifying of General Assembly actions. 22-T, 22-U, 22-FF, and 22-GG were pulled from the omnibus motion and voted upon individually. Each of the individual amendments passed and the

The DDAC (Discernment & Design AC) presented their report, giving us much to look forward to as they continue from Phase 1 (discernment) into Phase 2 (design). They presented a lot of material in the packet which we are all encouraged to read. Some of the commission members finished their year of labor, and several new members were elected. DDAC will still need some persons with expertise in writing job descriptions, budgeting and finance, and document writers and editors. Especially desired are ruling elders (the commission is fully staffed with teaching elders and now needs ruling elders for parity) and most particularly ruling elders of color. If you know someone who fits the bill, please let me know or call Moderator Emily Corzine.

When the meeting adjourned, we moved to the fellowship hall for cake and sandwiches so we could celebrate our retirees. Our next presbytery meeting will be at Covenant Presbyterian Church on September 19, 2023. See you there!

In Christ’s service, Kathy Nice, Transitional General Presbyter