A Palm Sunday Prayer

Seeing a donkey,Jerusalem spectators think, “beast of burden”
and focus on the Rider who soon enough becomes bearer
of a heavier weight: failed governance, fearful followers,
and some add, “a faithless God.”

Lord, in these days let us take the weight
of the Rider; One who claims,
“My yoke is easy and my burden light.” (A prayer by Bill Leety)


Generous God, Giver of time and our times:April…called “the cruelest month…”

despite beginning in harmless foolery, and the charm of forsythia.

Open us, Lord, like tulip, jonquil, and eastern red bud,

so that we too show your colors,and raise your flag; that in Jesus…

cruel times become less so for the others;

and for us too.



Creation Prayer

God of all seasons, earth tilts daily and at equinox
we mark balanced darkwith light.

Tilt us too… towards a balance,of rest with work,
praise with confession, receiving and giving,
joy with lament; as we see in Jesus Christ.


Lenten Prayers…

This season, O God:

Loose me from the hamster wheel,

and all else that claims-whether Samsung or Apple.

Rescue me from the isle and set me on that vast continent of grace,

 where I seek you or where you find me…again!


Maker of Jesus and of us: from dust to dust,

ash to ash these days of Lent and life unfold.

We also hear in Jesus the dust that blooms

in loving before returning to dust,

blooms yet again,post dust.

Let it be so for us in our time and after, O Lord.

Holy One, you are here and there too;
“everywhere”or “somewhere”we say.

We sense you in life now and then
despite saying “eternal,” or”forever.”

Shove our lives and our times
nearer to our words; to Your Word in Jesus.

Winter Time – Prayer for Peace
Gracious Lord: prod our ease, still our confusion.
Gauge our certainties, expose our doubts.

Sift the ash for good,  and let the rest go.
Glory to You; and to us, Peace.

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