Contact Information Update

Contact Information Update from the E-News Editor, Executive Presbyter, Reverend Dr. Jeannie Harsh. Recently I decided I needed to replace my well-used cell phone. After four hours at the local Verizon store, I ended up with a new phone which has two phone numbers. I can now be reached by calling or texting 614-562-1775 or 614-896-0670.

Church Signs…a Tool for Evangelism

Church Signs…a Tool for Evangelism In my job as executive Presbyter, I spend quite a bit of time traveling around the presbytery as I visit and work with our pastors and congregations. In these travels in central and southern Ohio, I pass many churches of every size, shape, design and denomination, maybe hundreds of them every month. And, most church buildings have some sort of sign in front of their building. Some are old wooden signs…some are new electronic signs…some change messages regularly…some never change. I don’t know about you, but I always notice church signs. The signs catch my eye more than the building does. Recently I noticed the church sign on a Catholic Church in Delaware County. I regularly drive by this church, and the sign changes often. That day the sign said: “Come on In…God has been …