Celebrating August Ordination Anniversaries for our Pastors in the Presbytery of Scioto Valley


One of the ministries of the Presbytery Commission for Church Professionals is to support the 185 minister members in Scioto Valley.
One of the ways to support these faithful servants is to celebrate their ordination anniversaries.
This month we recognize and lift up in prayer the following ministers who are celebrating the anniversaries of their ordinations to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the month of August.


The Reverend Edward Sensenbrenner (8-1-1966)

The Reverend Catherine M. Bogue (8-2-1998)

The Reverend Dr. Anne C. Marshall (8-2-2008)

The Reverend Joan Bolinger (8-8-2009)

The Reverend Gordon  E. Johnson (8-10-1958)

The Reverend Lee Platt (8-11-2002)

The Reverend Karen J. Chakoian (8-19-1984)

The Reverend Arthur A. Reed (8-20-1989)

The Reverend Rebecca J. Tollefson (8-29-1981)

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