Clerk’s Corner…By Sally Robinson, PSV Stated Clerk

With one week break here is the second in the series about what our Presbytery’s Leadership Commissions do. Two weeks ago, I focused on the Commission for Nurture and Outreach. This week I want to look at the Commission for Congregational Life or “CCL”. In our current structure, the work of the former Committee on Ministry was divided. The purpose of CCL reads as follows: “To promote and nurture healthy and faith-filled relationships within and among congregations and the presbytery through facilitation, communication and coordination.” This is a very short description for a Commission that does a tremendous amount of work. CCL works with every congregation that is without a pastor through a group of folks who work with churches in transition. They oversee self-studies, work to place transitional pastors and CREs, and work with churches who might have issues arising out of either a difficult pastoral situation, or discontent with the denomination. CCL also oversees the work of sessions and clerks of sessions, making sure that records and minutes are timely and correct. In addition, they work in the area of church development and redevelopment, and strategize about the future of our congregations. Given the fact that this presbytery currently has 97 churches, and with about one-third of them in transition at any one time, this is a Commission that does amazing work on behalf of the presbytery. Thank you, CCL.

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