CLERK’S CORNER… Thoughts from Sally Robinson, PSV Stated Clerk

In preparing for the next presbytery meeting, I am realizing that there are still questions about our “new” structure which was put in place nearly 6 years ago. At that time, the presbytery went from a traditional structure with committees and a Council to a structure that is made up of four Commissions and two committees. This was done in accordance with the Book of Order, G-3.0109, which allows a presbytery to structure itself in a way that will best serve the mission of Christ in a particular place. With that said, I would remind you that Commissions take action on behalf of presbytery and report those actions at the next presbytery meeting. In order for you to easily find those actions, from this presbytery meeting forward, the report of actions taken on your behalf will be at the beginning of the report of each individual Commission report. If there are questions about the action of a Commission, presbytery commissioners may question any of those actions just as if it were an action on the floor of the presbytery meeting. Our four Commissions are Commission for Church Professionals, Commission for Congregational Life, Commission for Nurture and Outreach, and Commission for Presbytery Operations. Our two committees are Nominating and Coordinating Team. I will talk about the work of each of these groups in upcoming newsletters. Please let me know if you have specific questions.

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