CLERK’S CORNER…Thoughts from Sally Robinson, PSV Stated Clerk

Last week I said that I would spend the next four weeks talking about the four Commissions that have the authority to take action on behalf of presbytery between quarterly meetings. I’d like to begin with the Commission for Nurture and Outreach (CNO), which is chaired by the Reverend Mary Gause. The purpose of this Commission as outlined in the structure design states: “To provide and nurture educational, connectional, and outreach opportunities which promote growth in discipleship, encourage congregational partnerships, and support special areas of ministry such as peacemaking, youth and campus ministry.” CNO is the mission, education and program Commission. It works with educators and youth leaders, those working in areas of mission and outreach, both in the local community and around the world, and in other program areas of the church, including older adult ministries. It administers some grants that are specifically mission oriented, and keeps the presbytery up to date about various opportunities for service and education. Thank you to CNO for its work!

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