The annual statistical reports are submitted to the General Assembly in during January and February.

These statistical reports are the basis in determining the amount of each church’s shared cost in the connectional work of the church, commonly called per capita giving.
If you don’t annually update your membership number through the statistical report, your congregation’s per member share of connectional ministry may be too much or too little.
Mark your calendars now to watch for information about the 2018 annual statistical report which should come to you in early January.
The General Assembly Stated Clerk’s Session Annual Statistical Report is found at:  This link will take you to the log-in page.  You will need your church’s user name (Church PIN number) and the church’s password.  The passwords are the same as last year.  If you cannot find your church’s password, please contact Dagmar at the Presbytery Office (614/847-0565).
Expect instructions in January for the 2018 annual reports to Presbytery.
The above links will be updated on this webpage for clerks to fill out
and email to [email protected]

Instructions will include date to be returned (For planning purposes, expect deadline to be mid- July.)

Below are five (5) reports that the Presbytery will request that you to fill out and return to the presbytery office (for planning purposes, expect to return in July 2018):

Church Directory
This will update the church’s contacts for specific contacts, especially clerk of session changes or other key leaders. Updated for 2018

Elder Roster
Updated for 2018

Fiscal Matters/ Risk Management
Updated for 2018

Minister Compensation Form
Updated for 2018

Updated for 2018