Commission Structure

Presbytery Council

Purpose: To organize the life of the Presbytery through vision, planning, budgeting and accountability

  • Coordinate all Presbytery strategic and long-term planning
  • Prepare the annual budget for Presbytery approval
  • Oversee the functioning and coordinating of the standing Presbytery commissions;
  • Recommend the staffing plan of the Presbytery
  • Organize and set the agendas for meetings of the Presbytery as a whole
  • In conversation with those throughout the Presbytery, identify, recommend, and facilitate opportunities to establish new faith communities
  • Nominate members to the Nominating Committee


  • Moderator of Presbytery, Convenor
  • Executive Presbyter
  • Associate Presbyter for Congregational Life and Transitions
  • 6 At-large Members in 3-year classes of 2
  • Stated Clerk (ex-officio, non-voting)
  • Treasurer (ex-officio, non-voting)


Commission on Ministry

Purpose: To promote and nurture ecclesial health within and among congregations and to foster faith and vitality for those who are called to professional ministry

  • Provide liaisons to congregations and church professionals in the Presbytery
  • Nurture spirit-inspired worship
  • Promote and nurture healthy, faith-filled relationships
  • Examine Teaching Elders for membership in the Presbytery
  • Ordain, receive, install, dismiss, remove and discipline Teaching Elders
  • Commission, install, dismiss, discipline and remove Certified Ruling Elders;
  • Connect congregations to training and resources, as needed, and encourage connections between the congregation, COM, the Presbytery and other churches in the Presbytery
  • Maintain and implement the policies for minimum compensation for pastoral calls, pulpit supply, moderators and certified Christian educators
  • Provide assistance for churches undergoing transitions of any kind, to include training and advising of Pastoral Nominating Committees, as well as consideration of prospects for congregational transformation
  • Provide mediation in congregational conflicts

Membership: 15 Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, as evenly divided as possible, in 3-year classes of 5.

Commission on Justice, Outreach, and Education

Purpose: To provide and encourage educational, connectional, outreach, and social justice opportunities that nurture growth in discipleship, fellowship, and faith throughout the Presbytery, in regional clusters as well as in individual congregations and faith communities


  • Educate, support and coordinate Matthew 25 Ministry
  • Provide educational resources and leadership and development training for local churches
  • Assist congregations in mission, service and stewardship
  • Support Campus Ministry
  • Maintain a grant program to foster mission initiatives by local congregations
  • Engage, educate, and empower the Presbytery to speak and advocate for social justice and to work with others for justice, freedom, and peace


  • Coordinate Presbytery-wide events
    • Youth Retreats
    • Triennial Youth Programs
    • Presbytery Mission Trips
    • Church Professional Retreats
  • Support Regional Church Fellowship Events (including Ecumenical ones)

Membership: 12 Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, as evenly divided as possible, in 3-year classes of 4.

Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Purpose: To provide for the discernment, nurture, care and oversight of inquirers and candidates to be become Teaching Elders, and for candidates to become Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE) and Certified Christian Educators (CCE).

  • Guide and nurture individuals through the process of preparing to become a Teaching Elder, Certified Ruling Elder or Certified Christian Educator
  • Authorize and conduct training for ruling elders to be commissioned
  • Encourage and support congregations and campus ministries in vocational discernment

Membership: 6 Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, as evenly divided as possible, in 3-year classes of 2.

Commission for Presbytery Operations

Purpose: To provide support to the daily operations of the presbytery and its commissions, and to hold leadership accountable to the churches of the Presbytery.

  • Be responsible on behalf of the Presbytery to comply with all state not-for-profit organizational requirements
  • Serve as the Board of Trustees of the Presbytery of Scioto Valley to receive, hold, encumber, manage and transfer property, real and personal, for and at the direction of the Council
  • Prepare and recommend to Presbytery Council the non-commissions portion of the annual Presbytery budget, including recommendations for all staff salary and benefits
  • Monitor the performance of the budget established by Presbytery, and report monthly on the budget to Council
  • Monitor compliance with financial policies
  • Cause to be completed an annual audit of the financial books and records of the Presbytery
  • Develop job descriptions for approved staff positions and coordinate with other appropriate commissions the oversight and evaluation of those staff members responsible to those commissions
  • Monitor Presbytery compliance with Federal, State, Presbyterian Church (USA) and Presbytery requirements
  • Develop and modify Presbytery policies, as appropriate, for Presbytery approval

Membership: 9 Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, as evenly divided as possible, in 3-year classes of 3.

Book of Order Required Committees / Commissions

Nominating Committee

Purpose: To nominate persons to serve in positions requiring election by the Presbytery

Committee on Representation

Purpose: To give full expression to the rich diversity of the church’s membership and provide for full participation and access to representation in decision-making and employment practices

Permanent Judicial Commission

Purpose: To consider and decide cases of process for the Presbytery according to the Rules of Discipline