Date(s) - 04/01/2018
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Lenten Thoughts…”On Grace and Gratitude” 
From: Living into Lent by Donald K. McKim
Grace and gratitude belong together, like heaven and earth. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection are the gracious, life-giving actions of the One who loved us and gave himself for us. Our gratitude comes fully and deeply.
Like breathing: we inhale grace and exhale gratitude.
This is our life!

Special Lenten Offering: One Great Hour of Sharing
The One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering is an ecumenical effort that helps Presbyterians share God’s love through many ministries and missions, such as disaster, hunger and poverty. The OGHS dedicates 32% of the offering to restore hope through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). 36% of the offering is dedicated to reducing or ending hunger through the Presbyterian Hunger Program. 32% of the offering is focused on resources and education addressing poverty and injustice through the Self-Development of People (SDOP). 

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