A Prayer for… A Time Like This

A Prayer for…A Time Like This Holy God: It’s easy to begin “The Lord is my shepherd…” though perhaps right now a better start in prayer is “Lord, you have been our dwelling…” Remind us in time of fear or trial storm or plague that you have given us others who pray with us and stand by us in Jesus Christ. by bill leety

Thoughts and Prayers from Jeannie Harsh Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Scioto Valley

Dear Friends, I always hold each of you in my thoughts and prayers, especially in this time of anxiety as we address the challenges that COVID-19 has brought into our church families and communities. I know we will weather this disruption in our lives. As we live into our home-bound time, may it bring each of us a time of peace…a time to be alone, or a time to be with family, maybe even a time to find new ways to communicate and keep in touch. We, in the presbytery, are enjoying discovering creative ways to continue to work together.  Our ZOOM meetings offer us the opportunity to hear each other’s voices and see each other’s faces while staying safely in our homes. We are  discovering that we can be connected in new ways. And, we Presbyterians do value our …


A Report from the March 25th ZOOM Meeting of the PSV Chairs for The Commission for Congregational Life, The Commission for Church Professionals, The Commission for Nurture and Outreach, The Commission for Presbytery Operations, The Coordinating Team, and PSV Staff Summarized by the Reverend Jeffrey A. Schooley, PSV Stated Clerk Your Presbytery leaders want you to know that we continue to work diligently on behalf of the presbytery so that we might all come through this chaotic and confusing season healthier and holier than when we entered it. To that end, we are meeting via Zoom video conferencing once a week in order to review and plan around the needs and challenges facing our churches, their pastors and their members. The chair of the Coordinating Team, the Presbytery Moderator, the Executive Presbyter, and the Stated Clerk are joining in this supportive …

Supporting Older Adults During COVID-19

To learn more ways to continue to support older adults during this crisis time, join in the ZOOM Meeting on Friday, March 27, 1 pm, Eastern Time. This meeting will be presented by the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Network. To join this ZOOM Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/640810851 For more information or questions, email Desiree Youngblood: [email protected]


The Presbytery leaders elected by our Presbytery are available to support, guide and assist congregations and pastors especially during this difficult time of dealing with the danger and impact of the Coronavirus. Please feel free to contact any of these leaders with your questions and concerns. The Presbytery Commission leaders are: Commission for Congregational Life; The Reverend Adam Anderson, Chairperson, email: [email protected]; Commission for Church Professionals, Reverend Annie Melick, Chairperson, email: [email protected]; Commission for Nurture and Outreach, Reverend Mary Gause, Chairperson, email: [email protected]; Commission for Presbytery Operations, Jim Hines, Chairperson, email: [email protected]; Coordinating Team, Elder Carla Mavis, Chairperson, email; [email protected] In addition, please feel free to contact the Reverend Jeannie Harsh, Executive Presbyter by email: [email protected], or cell: 614-562-1775.

A Letter to our PSV Church Professionals (CCP) From the Reverend Annie Melick, CCP Chairperson email: [email protected]

Church professionals, I know that most of you are working harder than ever! We had to navigate a pretty steep learning curve to suddenly offer worship services, meetings, and classes online. We find ourselves with a big load of pastoral care right now, too. Our congregations need us more than ever. I pray that you will each find peace and rest during this season, too. If you have prayer concerns, or need pastoral care yourself, please contact me or Jeannie. Last week a group of us met on Zoom to pray and offer support for one another. If you would like to join this, please use the log in information below for this Pastors’ Group weekly on Thursdays at 2 pm. To Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/812694666?pwd=R0ZXMEkxZUJUY3p0YmdxUzZadGFMdz09 Meeting ID: 812 694 666      Password: 980039

God said, “…not good that a person be alone…” Genesis 2:18

God said, “…not good that a person be alone…” Genesis 2:18 Lord, in the weight of this sad time… When aware of the danger each is to others, Strengthen us for the chore of isolating in sickness and health together In Jesus Christ Whose presence and touch Heals!

A Prayer for Illumination in a Skype Worship Service

Gracious and Holy God, we are living in the time of a frightening illness. The time has come to show our love for one another in new ways. You are the same God and we worship today together; but from different places, new places, and maybe even possibly with others we have never worshipped with before. All are our brothers and sisters. Let your Word and the meditations of all our hearts fill us with the true understanding of the abundant ways you love us. As we worship today, open our eyes and our hearts to your holy Word, especially in this challenging time. Amen.