PSV Stated Clerk Revised Job Description

The Presbytery Commission for Operations has approved a revised job description for the Presbytery of Scioto Valley Stated Clerk. This position can be filled by a ruling elder or a minister of Word of Sacrament. The complete job description can be downloaded from the Presbytery website. Application information will soon be available on the presbytery website and will be mailed to the pastors and clerks of each congregation. Applications for this position will be received through July 1, 2019.

2019 Presbytery-wide Mission Work Trip Scheduled

    The annual Presbytery-wide Mission Work Trip for Adults is being planned for the week of October 27- November 2 working with the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) in Wilmington, NC. Our presbytery mission work team, which is limited to 25 adults, will be doing recovery and rebuilding work in response to destruction from Hurricane Florence in 2018.  For more information, email: [email protected]

Scioto Valley Pastors Celebrate Graduations…

Congratulations to these pastors for their commitment to continued education!  Three of our Presbytery pastors are celebrating the completion of special degree programs. The Reverend Justice Ofosuhene, pastor of Ramseyer Presbyterian Church, recently received the Masters of Sacred Theology with a concentration in Pastoral Leadership degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University.       Elder Christine Burns, Commissioned Pastor for the Fredericktown First Presbyterian Church, will be receiving the Masters of Practical Theology in Parish and Community Ministry degree from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO).Commissioned Pastor for the Fredericktown First Presbyterian Church, will be receiving the Masters of Practical Theology in Parish and Community Ministry degree from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO).     Elder Deb Bergmann, Commissioned Pastor for the Columbus Old First Presbyterian Church, recently received an Associate of Arts degree from …

251st Stated Meeting Highlights

  The Presbytery Meeting on Tuesday was graciously hosted by the London First Presbyterian Church members and staff. A special word of thanks from our Presbytery Moderator Rebecca Tollefson goes to the many persons who sat in traffic for hours and still persisted to come to the Presbytery Meeting! The meeting began at 3:40 pm with worship featuring inspiring music, a fascinating sermon by the “Bad Calvinists”, and culminating in the Lord’s Supper. “The Bad Calvinists”, a creative trio of pastors, Joel Esala, Jason Link and Gray Marshall, presented a creative and casual conversation as the sermon based on Matthew 20.   Highlights of the meeting included welcoming new pastors, The Reverend Ross Slaughter, Mt. Vernon First, and The Reverend Dr. Janet Hufford, Pataskala First, and an examination and approval of a candidate for ordination, Mark Parsons-Justice. Business items included commission …

The Presbytery of Scioto Valley 251st Stated Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 21, 3:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Church, 211 Garfield Drive, London, OH 43140   The Commissioner Handbook is now available online at “Supplemental Reports” refers to papers available the day of the meeting in the Registration Area and also on the website. Complete agenda and meeting details are available on the presbytery website. 1:30 p.m. PRE-PRESBYTERY MINUTES READING 2:30 p.m. PRE-PRESBYTERY TRAINING FOR NEW COMMISSIONERS. A training for new commissioners and those who would like a refresher about what goes on at a presbytery meeting will be led by Vice Moderator Rev. Mark Gauen and Stated Clerk Rev. Sally Robinson. 3:30 p.m. THE PRESBYTERY IS CALLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT –  “CONVENING THE MEETING” Declaration of a Quorum and Formation of the Roll – Rev. Sally Robinson Adoption of the Meeting Agenda Greetings from Host Pastor – …

2019 Ecumenical Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis, MN

“Preaching as Moral Imagination” is the theme of this year’s Festival of Homiletics being held in Minneapolis this week. This festival, which began in 1992, gathers pastors from around the country for the purpose of learning and conversing about preaching in contemporary context. This week-long conference brings together a wide variety of outstanding preachers and professors of homiletics to inspire discourse about preaching, worship and culture. This ecumenical event gathers over 1500 attendees from several mainline denominations. Those from Scioto Valley participating in this year’s gathering are: Edwin Brinklow, Indianola, Skip Jackson, retired, Annie Melick, Condit, Todd Tracy, Newark Second and Jeannie Harsh, Executive Presbyter. The 2020 Homiletics Festival will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, May 18-22,2020. For information, see:

Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Guide (POAMN) 2019 Resource Guide

The Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network (POAMN) produces an Older Adult Ministry Resource Guide each year. This planning guide suggests ministry program ideas and resources for the work of older adult ministry in small, medium and large congregations. Copies of the 2019 Resource Guide will be made available to congregations as a courtesy of our Presbytery Older Adult Ministry team. The new 2019 Resource Guide is also available for download online at


July 12-13, 2019, Covenant Presbyterian Church, 2070 Ridgecliff Road in Columbus Retreat speakers will include: Eugenia Gamble: Author of the 2019-2020 Horizons Bible Study, “Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments”. In two workshops she will provide an overview and offer ideas and resources for study leaders. Carol Winkler: Former Moderator of Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Carol will share the latest from Churchwide PW where she serves ex-officio. Diane Moffett : Presbyterian Mission Agency president and executive director. Diane will speak about the mission of the PC(USA) today. For more information, see the brochure:

Celebrating May Ordination Anniversaries… Presbytery of Scioto Valley Minister Members

We recognize and lift up in prayer the work and ministry of our pastors in the Presbytery who are celebrating the anniversary of their ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament during the month of May. The Reverend Dr. Thomas B. Martin (5-1-1963) The Reverend M. Stephen Merold (5-13-1973) The Reverend Joel A. Esala (5-15-2016) The Reverend Dr. Myong Sun Kim (5-15-2011) The Reverend Leslie Sauer (5-17-1971) The Reverend Dr. Shelley C. Wiley (5-18-1986) The Reverend Dr. Jeannie C. Harsh (5-21-2013) The Reverend David L. Bubb (5-22-1984) The Reverend Evan D. Fisher (5-23-1965) The Reverend Robert E. Salmon (5-24-1970) The Reverend Elizabeth D. Terry (5-31-1981) The Reverend Randy Terry (5-31-1981)