Scioto Valley Presbytery Welcomes the newly- elected Stated Clerk, The Reverend Jeff Schooley

  A Special Presbytery Meeting was held on Tuesday, August 20, at the Overbrook Presbyterian Church to elect a Stated Clerk for the Presbytery. The Presbytery Nominating Committee placed in nomination the Reverend Jeff Schooley as their candidate for the position of Stated Clerk. Following Moderator Rebecca Tollefson’s opening prayer giving thanks to God for the life and faithful service of Sally Robinson, Reverend Schooley was elected as the Stated Clerk for Scioto Valley. While continuing to serve as the pastor of the Marysville First Presbyterian Church, Jeff will begin service as a part-time clerk for the Presbytery on September 1, 2019. Jeff, an Ohio native, is a graduate of Kent State, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently completing his work on a Ph.D. in Theology at Duquesne University. We welcome Jeff, and his wife, Brianne, to Jeff’s new ministry as …

Scioto Valley Presbytery (PSV) Mourns the Untimely Death of the Reverend Sally Robinson PSV Stated Clerk, October 1, 2017-August 14, 2019

  Sally Robinson, minister member of our presbytery and current stated clerk, died unexpectedly on August 14. Sally was born and grew up in Columbus. Sally, one of the first graduates of Whetstone High School, graduated from Northwestern University and Louisville Theological Seminary. Sally began a career in advertising before serving congregations in the Presbytery of Shenandoah and Scioto Valley. She served as an interim pastor in more than 20 churches, most recently at the First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Gilead. Sally loved her work as a transitional pastor and a stated clerk. She will be missed by congregants, friends and colleagues. A memorial service is planned for Sally for Friday, September 6, 2 pm at the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Columbus. A time to greet and support Sally’s family will follow the service.

Congregational Special Events in September

Sunday September 8 2 pm – Highlands Presbyterian Church Concert Irish Fiddle Fetish from Dublin High School will present traditional and modern Irish tunes. More information: Whisler Presbyterian Church. Final Service celebrating the many years and generations of faithful ministry and mission in and through the Whisler Church. Sunday, September 15 10:45 am – Bethany Presbyterian Church guest preacher, the Reverend Jimmie Hawkins, Director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency Office of Public Witness in Washington D.C. 3 pm – First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Vernon. Installation service for the pastor, the Reverend Ross Slaughter. Sunday, September 22 10:30 am – Rose Run Presbyterian Church in New Albany opening service. Sunday, September 29 10:30 am – Brookwood Presbyterian Church. Final Service and celebration in the current location. Brookwood will be uniting with the Parkview congregation and the Covenant Parish.  

Graveside Services for the Reverend Kristin Schutte

The Reverend Kristin Schutte graveside service will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery at 10175 Rawiga Road, Seville, Ohio. Kristin’s ashes will be buried along with her husband’s as part of a military ceremony.

Moderator Rev. Rebecca Tollefson invites you… Through the Beautiful Gate Pilgrimage February 9-20, 2020

The Holy Land is beautiful, meaningful and complicated. Steeped in history, it is a place shared by many ethnic and religious groups. Stories from the Ancient Near East, including the Bible, tell about a land that has been shaped by war, trade, religion and revelation. The pilgrimage will give travelers the gift of exploring this complexity as important archaeological, Christian, Muslim and Jewish site are visited. Following Jesus’ lead, we will explore, worship together, and listen as the people of the land share their stories and perspectives as the live and work for the rights of all people. Cost per person, double occupancy is $2040. Single supplement $790. This includes all guides, hotels and guest houses, tips to driver, guides and hotels, breakfast, 3 special lunches, dinner, entrance fees, luxury bus. Not included: lunches, final dinner, two to three small …

2019 Presbyterian Youth Triennium – Reflections by Jenni Whitford, Director of Christian Education, Worthington Presbyterian Church

I have worked for the PC (U.S.A) for 20 years. I have attended church camps, Montreat, APCE conferences, our denominational conference – GA, Synod School and many small weekend retreats. I can tell you that Triennium is THE BEST THING the PC (U.S.A) does! I have had the privilege of attending the last 4 Triennium’s. The first year I went as an Advisor/Chaperone. That is a tough job! You don’t get much sleep and you have to be available for the middle of the night call from a sick teen or if someone has a faith crisis. The last 3 times I have been a Small Group Leader (SGL). I love it! A SGL teaches a group of teens, usually 15-20 teens and 2-3 adults, who are attending as Advisors. Small Group time is when we dig into the Bible …

August Prayer for Students

Forgive us, Lord, lazy or wasted days, neglected work or study and our failure to take joy in the life set before us. Shake us awake to our times, to company shared in hours and tasks, so that good comes for ourselves and  for others, of gifts you give in Jesus Christ.       A Prayer for students…God of truth: strengthen teachers so that students learn to stand together in winners’ circles as well as in trials; to share a common bond with each other’s safety, failure, and success; to cherish differing abilities and be partners in challenges; to collaborate in goodness and walk paths of learning one with another; in the steps of Jesus!

Small church reaches out through Vacation Bible School

Iberia Presbyterian Church, Iberia, hosted more than 30 children using a theme of “The Lord’s Army” in this year’s Vacation Bible School. Iberia enlisted the help of many teen and adult volunteers to teach the children the Ten Commandments and the assurance that God is our biggest protector. The children participated in a local mission to help provide hygiene kits to Morrow County Veterans Services for local veterans in need. The week ended with a program and fellowship meal for the community. Iberia Presbyterian Church is a small-town church, filled with joy, acceptance, and love for all, making a big difference in the lives of others.

Memorial Services for Two Honorably Retired Pastors in Scioto Valley Presbytery,The Reverend Ward Parham and The Reverend Kristin Schutte

A memorial service for The Reverend Ward Parham, Honorably Retired minister member of the Presbytery, will be held on Saturday, August 17, at 10 am at the Bethany Presbyterian Church, 206 N. Garfield Ave, in Columbus. A graveside service for The Reverend Kristin Schutte, Honorably Retired minister member of the Presbytery of Scioto Valley, will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2019, at 11 a.m. at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, 10175 Rawiga Road, Seville, Ohio. As Kristin requested, her ashes will be buried along with her husband’s as part of a military ceremony.

Metropolitan Area Church Council (MACC) Update by the Reverend Dr. George O. Mehaffey

The Metropolitan Area Church Council (MACC) voted unanimously to communicate to the State legislators and government leaders its strong encouragement on matters of commonsense firearms legislation. Specifically, MACC urged the passing of background checks and the banning of assault weapons to the public. Furthermore, MACC voted to encourage a more visible relationship between law enforcement and the of mental health professionals.