Nurture and Outreach supports campus ministry through grants and communication with the following universities and resources:

Dear Colleague in Ministry:

Greetings from the Task Team on Higher Education, a ministry of the Presbytery’s Commission on Nurture and Outreach.  Thank you for your interest in our grant process for campus ministries. The Presbytery of Scioto Valley of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is committed to supporting ministries to students in Higher Education within our presbytery bounds.  The Task-Team is commissioned to discern how best to be involved with existing and new ministry initiatives at institutions of higher education.  We would like to begin (or continue) conversations with you that include sharing of ministry resources, ideas, and networking opportunities.

One of the primary ways in which we are engaged with campus ministry to higher educational institutions is through the granting and distributing of funding.  In addition to receiving your funding request, we feel the grant process serves to help us learn more about your campus ministry and how we might be of mutual support.  We conduct a grant cycle every for each academic year.  Please stay tuned to the Presbytery website for updates on the 2019-20 grant cycle and grant application at  Please click on the link of “Documents & Resources” followed by “Grant Applications.”

A note about our funding sources:  The Commission on Nurture and Outreach administers grants funded from two sources.  The first is funding from generous contributions towards mission from congregations within the Presbytery.  The second is funding designated for campus ministry from the Synod of the Covenant of the PC(USA).  In some cases, campus ministries are eligible for funding from both sources.  Applicants wishing to apply for funding are asked to demonstrate a vibrant shared ministry with a congregation of the PC(USA).

Once again, thank you for your consideration and interest.  It is our hope that more conversations and support may be shared within the campus ministries of our region.  If you have questions about our process, please contact either of the Higher Education Task-Team co-chairs, Trip Porch (740-587-0178) or Peter Galbraith (740-753-2435), or you may contact the office of the Presbytery of Scioto Valley at 614-847-0565.

Grace and Peace,

Peter Galbraith, Trip Porch: Co-Chairs, Higher Education Task Team

Ohio State University – UKIRK

UKIRK provides professional support, empowerment and community for those engaged in campus ministry on behalf of the Presbyterian Church (USA) UKIRK is a central hub for this vital and challenging aspect of ministry, dedicated to nurture in connections and sharing resources with fellow professionals in the filed. The UKIRK mission is one of caring, coaching, educating and advocating as you minister to college sturdiness across the country.

Denison University – The Open House Ministry

The Open House spirit for religious and spiritual life. Commonly known as the The Open House, this building supports the care and expression of all recognized religious traditions on campus as well as inter religious experience and dialogue, which are central to the mission of the college. The First Presbyterian Church of Granville is the Prebytery’s liaison with The Open House.

Downtowners Campus Ministries

An ecumenical ministry serving the the Downtown Columbus Campuses.
A caring presence to the student and faculty downtown through services ad programs that enhance the quality of life and answer the call of the Gospel to make life sacred for all people.

Ohio University (Athens) – United Campus Ministry

Center for spiritual growth and social justice at Ohio University is a nonprofit organization guided by socially progressive and interfaith values.
UCMs mission is to engage the Ohio university and Athens communities in spiritual growth, community service, and work for justice, guided by socially progressive and interfaith values.

Shawnee State – Portsmouth Campus Ministry

The ecumenical ministry is supported by churches in the area.
The First Presbyterian Church of Portsmouth is the Presbytery’s liaison with the Portsmouth Campus Ministry.