Synod of the Covenant & Per Capita: Bringing Presbyteries Together For Common Goals By Elder Christine Burns, Member of the Presbytery Commission for Presbytery Operations

A portion of each Per Capita that members contribute, $3.25, goes to the Synod of the Covenant. This mid-council represents every presbytery in its boundaries and does the important work of preparation of overtures for presentation to GA, as well as supplying funds for grants to congregations. Working toward common goals brings 11 separate presbyteries together as the Synod of the Covenant, serving to create strength of voice to each congregation within its borders. Across many miles people gather and brainstorm concerning ideas important to the regional area of the synod. It is here that matters are discussed to enhance the mission statement; “We, the Synod of the Covenant, in partnership with our presbyteries, congregations, the General Assembly and other faith communities are called and sent by God to be a living, active, and inclusive witness to the love of Christ.” From mobile health fairs to scholarships and grants, your dollars fund many outreach opportunities.

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