The Association of Presbyterian Educators (APCE) February 6-9, 2019 Annual Event in Galveston, TX,

Scioto Valley Educators and pastors in Galveston, TX.

The Association of Presbyterian Church Educators…annual gathering draws Christian educators from across the denomination. Our Scioto Valley educators from Marysville to Athens are in Galveston this week enjoying this annual event focused on worship, keynotes, workshops, music, mission activities, faith formation, fellowship and learning. The APCE event participants gather to connect, be enriched, empowered, sustained and refreshed as they spend quality time with old friends and new. The presbytery of Scioto Valley is well represented with several Christian Educators and pastors participating: Mary Gause, Preston Shealy, Julie Oswalt, Kirsten Trachsel, Haley Van Duzen, Julie Oswalt and Tom and Betsy Rice (not pictured).

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