Mission Giving

Presbyterians do mission in partnership.

As heirs to God’s grace in Jesus Christ, and joint heirs with all who confess him Lord, we affirm our place in the whole body of Christ, the church.

We understand “mission” to be God’s work for the sake of the world God loves. We understand this work to be centered in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and made real through the active and leading power of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing our human limitations and because of our fundamental unity in Jesus Christ, we believe we are called to mission through the discipline of partnership.

The practice of partnership guides our whole connectional church. It guides us individually as members, officers, and pastors. It guides us collectively as congregations, presbyteries, synods, and General Assembly ministries and related institutions.

In doing mission in partnership, we seek to be guided by certain principles:

  • Shared grace and thanksgiving;
  • Mutuality and interdependence;
  • Recognition and respect;
  • Open dialogue and transparency
  • Sharing of resources.

Through Mission Giving your congregation participates in God’s mission to transform the world. Your congregation’s annual pledge to support shared mission gives life to mission projects and ministries in the Presbytery and enhanced collaborative work through General Assembly. With God, all things are possible. We invite your congregation to engage with other Presbyterians for the sake of the world God loves.

Mission Giving Supports Projects Near and Far…

Mission Giving provides financial support for mission ministries locally and across the denomination. Shared mission giving makes a difference in mission support beyond the congregation. Your congregations’ annual pledge of shared mission dollars give life to mission projects and ministries in the Presbytery and into communities beyond its boundaries.

Mission Ministry in Scioto Valley Presbytery…

Campus Ministry, Mission Work Trips, Session-endorsed Grants, Older Adult Ministry, Youth Ministries (Fall Rally, Winter Retreat, Triennium). Leadership Training (Partners in Education (PIE),) Christian Education, Church Professionals Retreat, Gatherings throughout the Presbytery, Pastor Support, Resource Materials, Congregational Support, Inquirer and Candidate for Ministry Support, New Worshipping Communities.

Mission Ministry beyond Scioto Valley Presbytery…

Mission Partnerships, Mission Co-Workers, Global Mission Projects, Evangelism, Disaster Recovery, Ministries of Reconciliation, Poverty Needs, New Church Development, Church Transformation, New Worshipping Communities,

Congregational Mission Giving

Congregations annually pledge mission dollars to support mission and ministries in the presbytery and throughout the denomination. In 2022 each unrestricted dollar given will be divided:

  • Scioto Valley Presbytery – 67%
  • General Assembly (PCUSA) – 32%
  • Synod of the Covenant – 1%